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RAIDPac sets world Record

August 15th, 2011 by

Highly Reliable Systems has announced a high performance, high capacity backup system based on a RAID5 removable cartridge. Each removable “RAIDPac” used by the RAIDFrame enclosures holds up to 9 Terabytes (TB) of uncompressed data (15TB compressed) on a single volume, making it the world’s largest removable backup cartridge, according to the firm. The difference between conventional RAID storage with removable drives and a RAIDPac is that an entire 3 drive RAID array, along with its controller, is part of the removable backup cartridge. For more information visit www.high-rely.com or call 775-329-5139.

HIghly-Removable RAIDPac Backup Drive Enclosure

HIghly-Removable RAIDPac Backup Drive Enclosure

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