Highly Reliable Systems announced that their RAIDFrame DAS (Direct Attached Storage) backup system will support 4TB hard drives. Unlike conventional RAID storage with removable drives, the RAIDFrame makes an entire 3 drive RAID array, along with its controller, a removable backup cartridge. These removable “RAIDPacs” were recently tested and certified with Seagate 4TB drives.  Certification with Hitachi 4TB drives is forthcoming.  In RAID0 mode each RAIDPac will hold 12 TB of uncompressed data, making it the world’s largest removable backup cartridge. The system attaches directly to a fileserver or NAS with a single eSATA or USB 3.0 cable. The company plans to release a specialty NAS with removable drive support based on Ubuntu Linux in the first quarter of 2012. The RAIDFrame is available in 1 bay, 2 bay, and 5 bay enclosures. The 2 bay systems (pictured) allow further redundancy by allowing two RAIDPacs to be mirrored; a configuration the company calls “Automatic Mirroring Technology”. The use of hardware automatic mirroring technology means that swapping in a new RAIDPac initiates an additional block level copy of the primary backup. The RAIDFrame is designed for high capacity and rapid server recovery and provides a way to supplement or replace cloud and/or tape strategies.