Is Storing Raw Removable Disk in your Archive or Backup Strategy?
High-Rely 4-Drive Archival Cases provide protection  for raw removable disks.

The popularity of backing up to “raw” removable hard drives has lead to the release of these stackable, 4 drive archival cases to allow users to protect drives used in toaster type trayless removable drive systems. Although Highly Reliable Systems does not sell raw drive products, we recognized the need in the marketplace of those who wish to archive hard drives over a period of time.  The pink anti-static foam is cut to accommodate 4 standard size 3.5″ drives.  Differing height drives up to full thickness work because the foam holds the drives in place.

  • Capacity – Holds four (4) Standard 3.5” hard drives.  Any thickness hard drives can be accommodated and are held in place by snug foam fit on all sides.  (Hard drives not included)
  • Stackable and Self Centering – Chevron indentations on top of each case matches similar protrusions on the bottoms for neat, easy stacking.
  • Translucent –Allows drives and labels to be easily viewed through the plastic.
  • Flexible – Vertical or Horizontal use. Stack on any bookshelf for easy access. Labels can be added to handles, sides, top, or bottom for easy identification.
  • Anti Static – Each case includes pink anti-static foam that provides both physical and electrical protection of your drives and has finger cut-outs for easy drive removal. 
  • Rugged.  Splash and dust resistant case is made from polypropylene.  It is resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids.  The case is also impact resistant and PVC free.
  • Convenient – Integrated carry handle & latches keep drives safe and easy to transport.
  • Ordering Info – 13.375”L x 12.625”W x 1.25”D.  Weight 16.9 ounces with foam.  Part# 15169. Made in USA.  Singles- Model# HRCC4DARCHIVAL. $19.95 each (ask about case pricing).  Case of 6 Part# 6HRCC4DARCHIVAL. Case of 20 Part#20HRC4DARCHIVAL