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Select your removable media type

High-Rely Corporate Overview
Removable Disk

Highly Reliable Systems is a hardware company making equipment that backs computers  up to removable disk.  We are based in Reno, Nevada USA and spun out of computer consulting firm Sierra Computer Group in 2003.  All of our Backup products use removable hard drives and provide an alternative to USB drives, tape, and “cloud” backup.    Systems are available to attach directly to a server (DAS) or to the Network (NAS).  Products are largely software agnostic, allowing you to choose backup software for your needs. Combine our hardware with any modern backup software (file or image based) for a complete solution.

Key Value Propositions:

  • Provide high quality hardware based on removable drives for backing up servers.
  • Provide viable alternatives (or a supplement) to cloud backup when cost, security, or bandwidth won’t allow for sending data over the Internet.
  • Provide low cost alternatives to USB drives starting at $225 for very small clients so that resellers can move their low end customers to professional on-site backup solutions.
  • Provide high capacity media (8-12TB RAIDPacs) for clients with too much data to practically backup via the cloud.
  • Work with our resellers and customers to provide the best backup value.
  • Allow customers to use their preferred backup software.
  • Allow resellers to configure BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) solutions using software of their choice.
  • Provide U.S. based tech and warranty support.
  • Solve backup speed, reliability, and redundancy issues for our customers by providing hardware unlike anything else on the market.

Our 4 Product Families:

3 of our product families are directly connected (eSATA or USB3 ports) and are named based on the type of removable media they use:  MPac, High-Rely Classic, & RAIDPac.  We sometimes refer to them as Small, Medium, and Large removable media.  The fourth family are products with motherboards, intelligence onboard, and ethernet cards (Network Attached Storage or NAS).

  1. Mpac Family Small up to 2TB per removable cartridge
  2. High-Rely Classic FamilyMedium up to 4TB per removable cartridge
  3. RAIDFrame Family Large up to 12TB per removable cartridge
  4. Smart Family – Network Attached

Our MPac Removable disk product line offers high performance and reliability in a small form factor. The MPac cartridge is made of durable sheet metal, protecting the drive(s) inside.  Available with 1 drive or two,  the controller inside the MPac can be set RAID 0 (drive spanning) or RAID 1(Mirroring). All of this is done in hardware and is transparent to the host.  Maximum capacity is currently 2TB.

Our High-Rely Classic Removable Disks house industry standard 3.5″  SATA hard drives. By fully enclosing the hard drives in aluminum trays, we make them portable and hot swappable. The connector on the back of the high-rely classic tray is designed to withstand being inserted and removed thousands of times.  Contrast this with a bare SATA connector, which is rated for about 50 plug/unplug cycles. The durable aluminum casing can support up to 600lbs, and hard drives inside can be upgraded or replaced using 4 screws in minutes.  The vivid blue LCD screen for each tray displays tray diagnostic information: temperature, and hours in operation. These removable drives are used in the High-Rely product family and in many of the Smart Family products as well.  Maximum capacity is currently 4TB.

Our RAIDPac removable disks are perfect for jobs that require large capacity, speed and reliability. Each individual RAIDPac is a 3 drive RAID array with the controller integrated in.  In RAID 0 mode RAIDPacs are capable of storing up to 12TB of data.  With RAID 5 turned on the maximum capacity is 9TB, but the RAIDPac can sustain the loss of one drive without losing data.  Each RAIDPac monitors the health of the SATA hard drives it contains. In the event of drive failure, the RAIDPac will show the failed drive. For convenience, dead drives can be swapped live from the front of the RAIDPac. Maximum capacity is currently 12TB.    Now shipping 4TB drives in 12TB RAIDPacs.

The Smart family is network connected (NAS type applicances) and may use several removable drive types (media).  The NetSwap products are Linux based appliances whereas our WBA (Workstation Backup Appliance), and BNAS are Windows based.

Advantages of our Removable Drives Compared to:

  • Tape – We are less expensive, easier to restore single files, and do faster more reliable restores.
  • USB Drives – We are faster, have better connectors & software hot swap support, and are easier to transport.
  • NAS – We create 2 data copies per backup for better redundancy, and have fully enclosed transportable drives.
  • Cloud – We have no monthly fees, are much faster, provide better security (physical control over data), and don’t require high speed Internet. Many customers supplement cloud backup with our local drives.