Joseph Walker, a writer for SMBNation and an IT consultant recently wrote an article about supplementing a backup strategy with local backup that can be pulled and taken with you in an emergency.  Removable disk backup systems provide a way to do a hybrid cloud or local backup strategy to improve the disaster recovery time in an emergency.

The article can be found here.  Joseph winds up his musings this way: “So yes, use the cloud if you’d like—embrace it even—but don’t count on it to “save your bacon” (as one of our community partners likes to say). Me, after talking to Mr. McBride, I have my eye on one of his company’s RAIDPac removable drives. If worst comes to worst, I figure I could grab the three-drive “pac” and stash it in my wife’s purse. I’m certain it would fit, and I can’t imagine a more secure location.   ”

What Joseph didn’t mention is the RAIDPac was designed with USB3, SATA, and power ports to be used separately in an emergency by plugging it into any host that supports large partitions.  The photo nearby shows this more clearly. Look for network connected RAIDFrames in the near future.