Highly Reliable Systems is the leader in network and direct connected removable disk backup.  Become a reseller and get special ChannelPro pricing for 1 year, along with a great one time dealer demo price.

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HR premier MT REFLCT

2 Bay Premier with 4TB and Automatic Mirroring Technology

1) Automatic upgrade to Silver pricing level for 1 year (20% discount typical on backup gear)
2) A dealer demo 2 bay premier backup including 2 removable drives (4TB of storage) for only $439. Includes USB3 and eSATA connections.  Supplies are limited. Carrying cases, warranty upgrades, and controllers sold separately.

Mirroring allows 2 copies of every backup no matter what backup software you use. Maximize software compatibility and data protection at the same time.

To get started. fill out our easy 1 page reseller agreement.  Call us at(775) 329-5139 (Pacific Standard Time).  Ask your rep about our ChannelPro promotional price on the ethernet connected NetSwap Plus version with mirroring and NAS to NAS replication. (releasing soon).

Highly Reliable Systems provides viable hardware alternatives to USB drives or for private cloud backup when cost, security, or bandwidth make sending all data to a cloud provider impractical.  We also have larger RAIDFrame systems with removable RAIDPacs up to 12TB and roll your own BDR products.