seagate_tracksWe have finished our review of the 6TB Seagate hard drives with 340,000 tracks and determined them to be compatible with both High-Rely Classic and RAIDPac media. This means High-Rely classic trays can now hold up to 6TB max.  Plus, the largest hard drive available – is now the removable 18TB RAIDPac. The drives are shipping in limited quantities.  As you might expect, the higher bit density of these drives mean the performance is outstanding since more bits flow under the read/write heads at the same rotational speeds. This enables the drive to deliver up to a 25 percent increase in performance over competing 4 and 6TB drives, without the need for helium used inside other models.

One key metric we review is how fast re-mirroring occurs, since AMT (Automatic Mirroring Technology) that gives two copies of every backup is a key feature in most of our product lines.  In the RAIDFrame Plus line we are seeing re-mirroring speeds between two 18TB RAIDPacs of 900+ Gigabytes per hour.  This extra speed is good news, as many customers want a re-mirror to occur in around 24 hours if all possible.

7nanoThe drive employs multi-drive rotational vibration tolerance for consistent performance and accurate data storage in high density environments. The heads can be positioned within 7 nanometers using Seagate “Accutrac” technology. Based on our testing, we believe it when Seagate says this drive delivers robust 7200-RPM performance, ramp load technology, and a humidity sensor, delivers optimum performance even in the harshest environments. Of course, we always recommend handling our High-Rely drive trays and RAIDPacs with care during swap and transport.

We will be updating our literature and web pages over the next 30 days to reflect the new larger maximum capacities.  In the mean time, check with your sales rep for ability of the larger size High-Rely trays or RAIDPacs even if the product literature currently says 4TB (or 12TB) is the maximum capacity per drive tray.RP rt rflctHR MEDIA LEFT full