High-Rely RAIDPac Delivers 18TB of Unmatched Backup Storage

18TB RAIDPac: Largest Hard Drive in the WorldAs hard disk drive technology has improved, so have storage capacities for the devices that use them. The 18TB High-Rely RAIDPac currently demonstrates this point by combining three disks into a powered RAID-0/1/5 highly-removable enclosure to form the World’s largest backup drive.

The portable RAIDPac backup drive allows for hot removal and swap within the RAIDFrame computer backup system, making them a perfect fit for daily backup tasks and disaster recovery needs. Modular RAIDPac drives are extremely durable, and conveniently accessed in the field via external Molex power connection and either USB 3.0 or SATA cable.

A typical hard disk consists of several storage platters enclosed in a powered drive chassis with a SATA connector attached to an integrated logic board. The 18TB RAIDPac is very similar by design, with each drive consisting of several hard disks housed in a powered chassis with built-in storage controller connected to external SATA and USB 3.0 ports.

As such, each 18TB RAIDPac backup drive connects to and is detected by any modern computer system as a large single drive. It’s the largest portable drive currently available, in fact. Each RAIDPac monitors the health of the SATA hard drives it contains in real time. In the event of drive failure, the RAIDPac will give an audible alarm. For convenience, failed disks can be hot-swapped from the front of the RAIDPac enclosure.

RAIDPac is available in 18-Terabyte, 12TB, and 8TB capacities to High-Rely’s authorized channel partners.

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