Getting Data Out of the Cloud Before Disaster


As the size of information stored in the cloud grows increasingly larger, IT managers must plan on getting data out of the cloud when it’s critically needed during disaster recovery. For some businesses, the cloud is a place to deposit a second copy of data already retained locally. For others the cloud is primary storage, where unique data is created and modified. Problems arise in both cases: when local data is lost due to fire, flood, or theft, when the data is too large for a timely transfer across limited Internet bandwidth, or when a cloud provider shuts down. This all begs the question: is redundant data in place?

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30TB RAIDPac Backup Drive Announced


30TB RAIDPac the World’s Largest Backup Storage Drive Highly Reliable Systems, the innovative American-made server backup storage experts, are offering their 230TB RAIDPac, Removable Drive units to support their upcoming 120TB RAIDFrame DAS backup device. These portable RAIDPac storage devices combine the capacity of three drives in a RAID-0 array, or capacity of two drives in RAID-5 mode, by using cutting-edge 10-Terabyte SATA…

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