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Amazing 30TB Hot-Pluggable RAIDPac Exposed

November 10th, 2015 by

Each RAIDPac has 3 drives
RAIDPAC connector IDs

Here’s a quick breakdown of our popular 30TB Hot-Pluggable RAIDPac

The largest of our High-Removable Drives is the RAIDPac.


  • It can currently store up to 30TB of RAW data utilizing three 3.5″ 10TB SATA hard drives.


  • Although it is a complete RAID array, it can be safely and frequently hot-plugged like any of our other Removable Drives.


  • Its RAID controller is completely self-contained and just looks like a single hard drive to host – no drivers or special host controllers needed – you could boot from it if it were plugged into your motherboard.  It provides RAID 0 (striped – triples the size of the smallest installed drive, 30TB max currently) or RAID 5 (doubles the size of the smallest drive installed but can sustain a drive failure, 20TB  max currently).


  • Its cooling systems is self-contained.  As long is its airflow is not blocked, it can safely keep itself cool outside of its plug-in chassis.


  • Its actually possible to replace a failed hard drive and even the fan, while the unit is installed and operating without ever taking the volume off-line.  Front mounted retained screws allow you to remove the front while operating and replace the fan or a failed hard drive.


  • It has all the connections necessary to run the RAIDPac completely external from our plug-in chassis.  The power is a standard 4 Pin Molex (common on PC power supplies).  We also offer a “Field Power Supply” if access to your PC’s computer power supply is not possible or for lap-top use.  It has SATA and USB 3.0 for the data.


  • Water-tight,  floating, lockable, Iron Mountain approved hard cases are available for frequent rough handling and transport.


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NetSwap 200 Illustrated

November 4th, 2015 by

The NetSwap 200 Difference from other NAS products.  

NetSwap 200 is our most widely sold NAS product. Yet, with so many other NAS platforms to choose from, it’s hard to quickly understand the NetSwap 200 difference and possibilities. The NetSwap line offers the best of Cloud and removable drive technologies.  We offer this graphic to help illustrate the difference our NetSwap brings to the table.




Click the image to see it full size.

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