Each RAIDPac has 3 drives
RAIDPAC connector IDs

Here’s a quick breakdown of our popular 30TB Hot-Pluggable RAIDPac

The largest of our High-Removable Drives is the RAIDPac.


  • It can currently store up to 30TB of RAW data utilizing three 3.5″ 10TB SATA hard drives.


  • Although it is a complete RAID array, it can be safely and frequently hot-plugged like any of our other Removable Drives.


  • Its RAID controller is completely self-contained and just looks like a single hard drive to host – no drivers or special host controllers needed – you could boot from it if it were plugged into your motherboard.  It provides RAID 0 (striped – triples the size of the smallest installed drive, 30TB max currently) or RAID 5 (doubles the size of the smallest drive installed but can sustain a drive failure, 20TB  max currently).


  • Its cooling systems is self-contained.  As long is its airflow is not blocked, it can safely keep itself cool outside of its plug-in chassis.


  • Its actually possible to replace a failed hard drive and even the fan, while the unit is installed and operating without ever taking the volume off-line.  Front mounted retained screws allow you to remove the front while operating and replace the fan or a failed hard drive.


  • It has all the connections necessary to run the RAIDPac completely external from our plug-in chassis.  The power is a standard 4 Pin Molex (common on PC power supplies).  We also offer a “Field Power Supply” if access to your PC’s computer power supply is not possible or for lap-top use.  It has SATA and USB 3.0 for the data.


  • Water-tight,  floating, lockable, Iron Mountain approved hard cases are available for frequent rough handling and transport.