The RNAS is a Windows NAS intended as use as dedicated BDRs (Backup and Disaster Recovery), Self Backing NAS, or Cloud-to-Local backup appliances (reverse cloud).

Use of Windows IoT for Windows NAS

Windows IoT is a version of Windows typically intended to be installed on dedicated appliance or control computers.  Windows 10 IoT is a member of the Windows 10 family that brings enterprise-class power, security and manageability to the Internet of Things. It leverages Windows’ embedded experience, ecosystem and cloud connectivity, allowing organizations to create their Internet of Things with secure devices that can be quickly provisioned, easily managed, and seamlessly connected to an overall cloud strategy.

Windows 10 IoT comes in two editions. Windows 10 IoT Core is the smallest member of the Windows 10 operating system family. By contrast, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, which is used exclusively in the RNAS line of products is a full version of Windows 10 with specialized features to create dedicated devices locked down to a specific set of applications and peripherals.  Windows IOT Enterprise is limited to 20 simultaneous network connections.

In general all features of Windows 10 Pro are available in Windows IoT including Virtualization if supported by the hardware (not available on RNAS 200 models with Celeron processors).  This includes the ability to join a domain,  support headless operation via RDP protocol, etc.  Microsoft intends the usage of Windows IoT Enterprise to include Industry Tablets, POS, Kiosk, Digital Signage, ATM, Medical Devices, Manufacturing Devices, Thin Clients, etc.  Windows IOT Enterprise allows 20 simultaneous device connections.

It should be noted that Windows IoT Enterprise is licensed by the type of processor in the machine.  While the functionality is the same between the 3 versions available (entry, value, high end), the license requires the version to be matched to the power of the CPU.  Therefore changing the motherboard or upgrading the CPU to a more powerful one may violate Microsoft license terms.