Cloud-to-Cloud backup is becoming more important for protecting data from crypto-viruses, user errors, and vendor outages.

The RNAS series of appliances can be used as cloud-to-cloud (C2C) backup appliances.  Some of the reasons to do “reverse-cloud” or Cloud-to-Local jobs apply here as well.  In the screenshot nearby, a test is underway which transfers a large file from Dropbox to Microsoft One Drive.  The functionality allows entire directories and folder structures to be moved with a single replication job.  While most C2C scenarios require a specific cloud, the power of High-Sync software is the ability to specify just about any two clouds and manage the backup process from a single pane of glass without involving the vendors own software.  Additional replication jobs can be created to send the data to more clouds to create multiple vendor independent redundancies using data from multiple user accounts as needed.  Other than the normal cloud storage fees, there are no per user or per month licensing fees to use High-Sync for this application.  It is easy to make sure that multiple replication jobs run in sequence to limit the impact on bandwidth and local resources, including thrashing on the local drive.

Multi-Cloud replication

Cloud-to-Cloud (C2C) backup

Microsoft OneDrive Cloud to Cloud

High-Sync replication job from Dropbox to OneDrive