Highly Reliable Systems: Removable Disk Backup & Recovery

2 Removable Drive Types

Large Data Backup Removable Backup

Worlds Largest Removable RAID Backup.

Our 2 Removable Drive types are what makes our NAS and DAS data storage and backup solutions better.

Removable Drives provide you with fixed drive performance and capacity while allowing you to quickly swap them out for safe storage, archiving, seeding or transporting.  This is a powerful advantage over just fixed storage or cloud solutions.  Having your data, available in your hands gives you the physical accountability and security of where your data is located.  But there’s another important advantage, they provide an easy way to physically isolate your data and transport it off-site. Because they can be taken physically off-line easily, they’re invulnerable to remote or latent virus attacks or access – “If it isn’t connected it can’t get infected!”

HR Drive Max Data Capacity *Future Max Capacity Construction Direct Access Via Size (Inches) Cost/GB RAID Types
High-Rely MediaHRC 12TB Largest 3.5″ HDD Aluminum,Plastic SATA 8.5×4.8×1.4 Least None
Largest removable Drive for backupRAIDPac 36TB 3 X largest capacity 3.5″ HDD Steel SATA, USB3.0 9.3×5.9×3.4 Mid 0, 1, 5

*Assuming SATA specifications, physical size, mounting and power compatibility of future larger capacity hard drives.

In summary, Removable Drives are better because:

Our Removable Drives don’t replace Cloud offerings, they enhance them!  To find out more, feel free to contact us below, or call us at 775-329-5139 today.

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