Please note, you will need a monitor and keyboard attached directly to the NetSwap along with a 4GB or larger USB flash drive. You will also need to save a copy of your current Config to restore your settings after the restore is complete. This can be done by selecting Export Configuration from the left-hand sidebar on the Web GUI.

Determine the make and model of your NetSwap device by checking your PO, or by contacting our Technical Support department.

Visit the following link and download, and then run the High-Rely NetSwap USB Installer.

After accepting the terms and conditions, you will choose the High-Rely Restore Image from the drop-down box. Depending on the Model of your NetSwap Device, you will choose the corresponding Image and software version.

After selecting the correct model and version, you will need to mark the checkbox that will now appear to the right to begin downloading the selected ISO image.

Once the ISO has finished downloading, you will browse to the download location and select your USB Flash Drive.

The USB Installer will now begin creating a boot-able USB key that will be used to restore your High-Rely NetSwap device. Once the Key is done being created we will now move over to the NetSwap device.

Begin by shutting your NetSwap down. Please make sure all removable drives are removed or turned off and no other peripherals are attached other than the mentioned monitor and keyboard. Plug the newly made USB key into the NetSwap and power on your device. You will now need to boot to the boot select menu. This can usually be achieved by pressing the F11 key at startup but may vary depending on your Mother Board. Once in the boot select menu you will want to choose the Generic Flash Device and not UEFI. The NetSwap will now boot the created USB key.  You will now see an option to restore you High-Rely NetSwap device. Go ahead and press enter on the first option and the NetSwap will begin restoring.

After the restore is complete the NetSwap will shut down automatically and you are now able to remove the USB key from the device. Restart the NetSwap and boot as normal. Once the NetSwap has come back up, please make note that the IP configuration may have changed.

You will now be able to log back in to the Web GUI of the NetSwap using the default login of hradmin for the username and password for the password. Once logged back in you will be able to select Import Configuration from the left-hand sidebar and select the recently saved configuration to restore all settings.