Highly Reliable Systems: Removable Disk Backup & Recovery

Doing “over-the-wire” (internet based) backup and Data De-duplication with the HRS 201 BNAS.


The HRS 201 BNAS has so many capabilities with its robust and unique hardware. Because the HRS-201 BNAS also has Deduping software available for free, it is an ideal receptacle for network and Internet backups. Why pay $1.00 per month per gigabyte of storage for internet based backup when you can do it yourself with the BNAS for free? Of course, this is providing you have internet service at your target location. This paper discusses the details of configuring the BNAS to be the receiver of multiple machine’s backup data as well as optimizing the storage for that data with compression and data de-duplication.

Download the HRDeDupe software referenced in the white paper here.