Highly Reliable Systems: Removable Disk Backup & Recovery

RackDAS 1000

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Our 5-10 bay High-Rely Rack Mount DAS server backup appliance offers a simple solution for your every day backup needs, and more. Need an archive or weekly storage? This 4U rack mounted backup appliance has that. Available with either 5, 7, 8, or 10-bays to support your storage needs. This makes the direct-attached Rack Mount DAS backup appliance more compatible with hardware and software than many other standalone USB3 or eSATA backup device because a drive is present to the host at all times. Designed as a purpose-built high speed alternative to consumer backup devices, our specialized 10-Bay High-Rely Rack Mount DAS backup appliance enables administrators to manage server backup data onto a hot-swapped 3.5″ HRC or 2.5″ MPac RAID media set.

The 5-10 Bay HRC Rack Mount backup DAS has the versatility to be connected via USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and eSATA. Should an emergency arise where the unit must to be attached a different computer, simply connect the appropriate cable. The case is constructed from solid machined steel and comes equipped with a auto switching 500 watt power supply. When combined with the High-Rely Drive Manager software, media can be swapped out without fear of drive letter management issues.

Data retention is very important to us, which is why we built our highly-removable backup drives to protect archived data in a durable tray enclosure. After all, what good is fixed storage if it can’t be taken off-site? With the threat of maliciously deleted files and virus infections, or natural disasters such as fire, flood, or theft, removable media becomes a professional necessity, and our 5-10 Bay High-Rely Rack Mount DAS server backup appliance provides the answer. High-Rely warranties all backup devices for one year, with extended dynamic support contracts available for up to five years that include advance replacement – including shipping costs to and from our factory.

5-10 Bay HRC Rack Mount Unit

This Direct Attach Storage device can connect to one or more servers using either USB 2.0, USB 3.0, or eSATA.  Its sturdy machined steel construction makes is a very well built unit.  The 5-bay unit is a single channel device requiring only a single USB or eSATA cable to connect the five drives.  The 7, 8, and 10 Bay units are dual-channel and require two USB or eSATA cables to connect the unit to the host machine.

These 4U HRC Rack MountRack MountRack Mount systems are perfect for backing up to a separate drive for each day of the week or for targeting multiple servers to separate physical drives. Imagine unattended operation for up to 2 work weeks without requiring daily drive swaps. Simply set your backup program to use a different drive letter or volume every night. Alternatively you can backup each of your servers to a separate drive. Multiple drives allow you to manage the backup less frequently, changing your media only weekly or biweekly.  Drive letters can be managed with our Exclusive High-Rely Drive Manager Software, which is included with your purchase.

Key Features:

  • Reliable Backups Our 5 to 10 Bay Rack Mount System provides reliable operation. Combining ease of use with your favorite backup software gets the job done right by making the human part of the equation as simple as possible. Our products are designed to provide you with an inexpensive and reliable alternative to tape or cloud backup.
  • High Capacity. Currently up to 6TB of RAW storage per media cartridge.
  • Flexible. High Rely Classic Media trays use standard 3.5″ SATA hard drives. Our media trays allow you to expand or replace drives as needed in the future without requiring any special proprietary hard drives.
  • Fully Enclosed. High Rely classic media trays fully encloses and protects the hard drive, making them ideal for offsite backup. Connectors are designed for daily swap.
  • Secure and Compatible by Design. High Rely classic drives under Windows are formated NTFS. Since they are directly attached to your server, NTFS and share level Windows security are built in. Unlike Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, which frequently run Linux and may lose your file & share security permissions, each DAS drive retains the security of your stored files. Time zone and Domain authentication problems associated with Linux NAS devices are not a concern with Direct Attached Storage.
  • FAST. High-Rely media data moves at eSATA hard drive speeds, capable of backup rates in excess of 400 GB per hour.**
  • Disaster Proof. Even if the multi-bay High-Rely Rack Mount unit is destroyed in a fire, the High Rely classic media opens easily to expose the standard SATA hard drive inside. Data can be accessed by plugging the drive into any computer with industry standard SATA ports.

Large capacity and the storage you need – The High-Rely classic family backup products.

Warranty: See terms

Includes: 6ft power cord, 3ft USB 3.0 cable, 3ft eSATA cable, Resource Disk, and keys for the lockable media trays.

**Data transfer speeds will vary on a number of factors on how unit is utilized.

Available Interfaces ESATA, USB 3.0
Maximum Aggregate Capacity 60TB
Maximum Media Capacity 6TB
Maximum Transfer Rate 400GB/Hour
*Your performance may vary.
Dimensions (L X W X H inches) 17″ X 17″ X 7″ (4U)
Weight Shipped: 35 lbs
Alone: 31 lbs.
Power Supply 110/220 auto-switching, 500 watt
Power Consumption 108 Watts, 0.94 Amps
Thermal Output 370 BTUs

5 Bay Mini Tower and 5-10 Bay Rack Mount Manual

Category: Manuals

[5BayMT-EU3V1-1.pdf] - January 11th, 2012

Manual for the HR 5 bay mini tower and 5-10 bay rack mount High-Rely classic units. Version 1.1


Category: Software

[HRDM2V0.zip] - January 25th, 2012

HRDM2 – the Drive Letter assignment software has gotten even better! Now, HRDM2.5: Installs as a service – no more login required or tray start and stop hassles. New easy to use Administrative interface. HRDM2 Administrator safely and quickly helps … Continue reading

JMicron HW RAID Manager

Category: Software

[JMRAIDMgrVersion0.09.69.zip] - June 1st, 2015

JMicron HW RAID management software. AppName = JMicron HW RAID Manager CompanyName = JMicron Technology Corp. Version = 0.09.69 APPFolderName = JMRAIDManager APPFileName = HWRaidManagerSetup.exe

Standard 12 Month. Extensions available with advance replacement feature.

Warranty Coverage Statements

 10-Bay RackDAS DC1010 (HRC media version)

Thumb10-Bay High-Rely Classic RackDAS DC1010 USB 3.0/eSATA 4U Rack Mounted Backup DAS
*Media trays purchased separately.
Part #: UN-HRC10B4URMEU3 (Stock #: 15471)

 3-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RackDAS DC1010

 2-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RackDAS DC1010

 1-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RackDAS DC1010

 8-Bay RackDAS DC1008 (HRC media version)

Thumb8-Bay High-Rely Classic RackDAS DC1008 USB 3.0/eSATA 4U Rack Mounted Backup DAS
*Media trays purchased separately.
Part #: UN-HRC8B4URMEU3 (Stock #: 15473)

 3-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RackDAS DC1008

 2-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RackDAS DC1008

 1-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RackDAS DC1008

 7-Bay RackDAS DC1007 (HRC media version)

Thumb7-Bay High-Rely Classic RackDAS DC1007 USB 3.0/eSATA 4U Rack Mounted Backup DAS
*Media trays purchased separately.
Part #: UN-HRC7B4URMEU3 (Stock #: 15472)

 3-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RackDAS DC1007

 2-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RackDAS DC1007

 1-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RackDAS DC1007

 5-Bay RackDAS DC1005 (HRC media version)

Thumb5-Bay High-Rely Classic RackDAS DC1005 USB 3.0/eSATA 4U Rack Mounted Backup DAS
*Media trays purchased separately.
Part #: UN-HRC5B4URMEU3 (Stock #: 15474)

 3-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RackDAS DC1005

 2-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RackDAS DC1005

 Dynamic Support - 5 Bay RM DAS 1 Year

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