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WBA lft drive rflct_800The High-Rely BNAS 100 Workstation Backup Appliance (WBA) is a low cost, single bay, network-attached Windows-based computer backup system that can join an Active Directory domain. Based on Windows Storage Server Essentials, BNAS 100 comes with 2TB of internal storage that can be used for server backup and workstation computer backup. A highly-removable drive bay allows you to add (and rotate) optional 2TB HRC media to backup the internal data drive. The High-Rely BNAS 100 comes bundled with Microsoft backup software to protect twenty-five Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac workstations. Add your favorite third-party software to backup your servers to it, as well.

Data retention is very important to us, which is why we built our highly-removable backup drives to protect archived data in a durable tray enclosure. After all, what good is fixed storage if it can’t be taken off-site? With the threat of maliciously deleted files and virus infections, or natural disasters such as fire, flood, or theft, removable media becomes a professional necessity, and our High-Rely Workstation Backup Appliance provides the answer. High-Rely warranties all backup devices for one year, with extended dynamic support contracts available for up to five years that include advance replacement – including shipping costs to and from our factory.

To use the included workstation backup software, simply install the Microsoft Connector application on each workstation and use the dashboard via a browser to monitor and manage system backup jobs. The High-Rely Workstation Backup Appliance includes support for continuous incremental backups, long-term retention of older file versions, and deduplication of backup files across multiple workstations. The built-in highly-removable drive tray can be used for additional storage, or to backup WBA’s internal storage drive using the included Windows Backup tool.

WBA lft drive rflct_800

WSSE is Similar to SBS 2011& WHS


Cloud Access


2TB BNAS 100 Workstation Backup Appliance with 25 User Backup Software and Removable Drive

Based on Windows Storage Server 2008R2 Essentials. (Microsoft Datasheet)

Need a low cost NAS (Network Attached Storage) to backup your server or workstations? Conventional backup appliances focus on backing up the corporate server, yet according to IDC up to 60% of critical company data is on laptops and desktops. Highly Reliable Systems introduces a Windows based backup appliance with 2TB of storage to provide workstation backup and NAS storage. The BNAS 100 Workstation Backup Appliance (WBA) can join your domain and includes Microsoft backup software to protect 25 Windows or Mac workstations. Simply install the Microsoft Connector software on each workstation and use the dashboard via a browser to monitor and manage backup jobs. BNAS 100 includes support for continuous incremental backups, retention of older file versions, and deduplication of backup files across multiple workstations. There is also a built in removable drive tray to backup the appliance’s internal drive.

The workstation backup software is included. Originally introduced in Windows Home Server, Microsoft’s backup is a robust, centrally managed backup system that provides great functionality. It is not the simple imaging backup software that comes with Windows workstation Operating Systems. The software is smart enough to queue each workstation and back them up one at a time. The easy to use dashboard allows you to determine backup status at a glance.

Need more than 2TB or more than 25 users? Simply add another BNAS 100 appliance and group users in an organizational unit inside Active Directory to backup each set of 25 to separate appliances.

Server Backup Supported via NAS. The Workstation Backup Appliance provides Network Attached Storage with full Windows domain security. So in addition to providing workstation backup, you can use it as a general purpose NAS for file storage. You can also use almost any third party backup software to backup your server.

File Level DeDupe Built In. Windows Storage Server Essentials 2008 R2 provides deduplication of workstation backups by actively comparing and eliminating identical files in the backup data store to optimize storage capacity. Duplicate files are transparently replaced with file system links to the single copy retained in SIS Common Store, which increases the efficiency of disk utilization.

Incremental Backup with Version Retention. Once each workstation has been fully backed up, you will find that subsequent backups are very fast, since the system is able to back up only changed data and update it’s data store. You can set retention policy for daily, weekly, and monthly backups that allow restoration of older versions of files that change over time.

Bare Metal Recovery – Create a Workstation boot CD or USB flash drive using Microsoft’s Dashboard. We even provide the USB Flash drive. Then boot a machine and do a full “bare metal” restore by pulling the last full backup down from the Workstation Backup Appliance over the network. Digitization of content, regulatory requirements and archival demands are resulting in the need to retain information for longer periods of time.

Cloud Enabled Storage. If you need to access the appliance remotely over the Internet, BNAS 100 allows a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) session from any web browser to remotely access shared files. The user can either assign BNAS 100 a static IP address or use Dynamic DNS. The appliance also supports universal Plug and Play to help configure the internet router automatically. 3 ports are used for highly secure browser file upload and download of up to 2GB per transfer session. Maintains security and simplicity by allowing users access with their existing domain username and password.

Self Backup to Removable Drive. The easy to use dashboard allows you to do a self backup of the Workstation Backup Appliance. The software images the internal drive to the optional removable drive for extra protection should the primary hard drive in BNAS 100 ever fail.

Add-Ins Extend Appliance Functionality – Microsoft provides a special framework for installing add-ins. Anti-virus applications, replication capability, security and other pre-configured add-ins allow flexibility to enhance BNAS 100 to fit your needs.

Centralized management of file services. Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 file services provides better controls to keep unwanted data out, and improved management tools to take better care of the data that you want in. These tools help centralize management and reduce administrative overhead while simultaneously providing insightful information on the file infrastructures. These insights help you to more efficiently deliver on file services availability and compliance requirements.

  • Connection – Gigabit Ethernet port (1 Gps). RJ45.
  • Quiet & Small – Low noise design and small form factor (95 x 280 x 360mm) fits in to any office environment.
  • User Interface – Setup via familiar Windows Style dashboard. Configure locally or remotely through network.
  • Included Software – Includes integrated Microsoft backup software that backs up most modern Windows and Mac workstations, and MultiPoint Server. License doesn’t cover Server Operating Systems. Windows XP 64 bit not supported. Workstation Backup Software supports backing up hard drives up to 2TB.
  • Key Software Features – Dedupe – The Backup system stores only one copy of files duplicated on multiple workstations, saving tremendous space on WBA hard drive. Incremental – Scheduled backups do block level incremental backups, meaning nightly backups happen very quickly and minimizing network traffic. Central Monitoring – Microsoft provides centralized dashboard for checking backup status of each workstation.
  • Network Protocols – SMB 2.1/CIFS (Windows), and NFS.
  • CPU – Dual Core 1.8Ghz Atom processor passively cooled. 2GB RAM
  • Boot Drive – 2TB Internal drive. A 60GB operating system partition is used with the balance of drive available for NAS and backup operations.
  • Removable Drive – Optional 2TB High-Rely classic removable drive trays are available to backup BNAS 100 using Microsoft Server Imaging software (included).
  • Removable Drive File System – NTFS
  • Power Supply – Supports 110/220 auto switching and frequency. Approx 30 Watts during access.
  • USB Flash Key – Includes USB flash drive for creating emergency boot environment to do bare metal workstation restores.

Microsoft Windows Storage Server Essentials Support forums

Low noise design and  fits in to any office environment.

CPU 1.8 GHz Intel Celeron 1037U
RAM 4GB SoDIMM System Memory
Size Small form factor (95 x 280 x 360mm)
Available Interfaces Gigabit Ethernet port (1 Gps). RJ45.
Power Supply Supports 110/220 auto switching and frequency. Approx 30 Watts during access

NOTICE: Specifications subject to changed based on product revisions and component availability.

Windows Backup Appliance (WBA) Quick Start Guide

Category: Manuals

[Quick Start WBA.pdf] - January 12th, 2012

Quick Start guide for the Windows Backup Appliance (WBA).

Windows Backup Appliance (WBA) Restore Guide

Category: Manuals

[WBA Restore Steps.pdf] - January 12th, 2012

Guide to restoring the Windows Backup Applicance (WBA).

Standard 12 Month. Basic Warranty Includes:

  • 1 Year return to factory parts and labor limited warranty.
  • 1 way domestic shipping from factory via UPS ground on repaired units.
  • 90 Day Installation support from time of purchase. Purchase Dynamic Support to extend support contract.

Dynamic Support 8×5, Hardware replace Includes:

  • Advance hardware replacement (requires credit card guarantee) plus extension to warranty.
  • 2 way domestic shipping to/from factory via UPS ground for units needing repair.
  • Free firmware and software updates and upgrades as they become available.
  • Chat/ Email/ Web/ Telephone support for technical assistance 8am to 5pm PST excluding holidays.

1 Year Dynamic Support 8×5 PST with advance hardware replace     $call.
2 Year Dynamic Support 8×5 PST with advance hardware replace     $call
3 Year Dynamic Support 8×5 PST with advance hardware replace     $call

Software Support Disclaimer: Due to the complexity of network environments and the fact that WSSE (and associated backup software) are written by Microsoft, Highly Reliable Systems is not able to guarantee software suitability or compatibility. We do not provide end user software support on this product and provide limited reseller support. Primary software support for Microsoft products is available to end users by our authorized resellers or via Microsoft Online Knowledgebase for Windows Home Server (WHS) and Windows Storage Server Essentials products.  Due to the many complex environments beyond our control, we highly recommend periodic test restores and maintaining backups of all workstation data as our EULA specifically excludes us from liability for un-restorable data.

Warranty Coverage Statements

 BNAS BC100 WBA Windows Backup NAS (HRC)
ThumbBNAS BC100 workstation backup NAS with Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials and 2TB Internal Drive.
*Includes 2TB fixed internal drive. High-Rely Classic removable media trays purchased separately.
Part #: UN-WBA-2TB (Stock #: 15385)

 5-Year Dynamic Support Contract: BNAS BC100
 4-Year Dynamic Support Contract: BNAS BC100
 3-Year Dynamic Support Contract: BNAS BC100
 2-Year Dynamic Support Contract: BNAS BC100
 1-Year Dynamic Support Contract: BNAS BC100

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