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RAIDFrame DAS 5000

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Ideal for mission critical backup, the 5-Bay High-Rely RAIDFrame DAS 5000 backup appliance provides the largest redundant backup media on the market utilizing five removable RAIDPac cartridges. RAIDFrame DAS directly connects to computers using the eSATA interface. Five-channel model DR5005 connects up to five servers simultaneously via eSATA, model DR5002 connects with up to two servers via eSATA or USB 3.0 simultaneously, and DR5001 will connect to a sever either by eSATA or USB 3.0.

Each RAIDPac cartridge features an embedded RAID-5 controller, protecting from corruptions or data loss in the event of disk failure. Each RAIDPac displays as a single volume to the host computer, allowing RAIDFrame to be compatible with any backup-to-disk software. Individual RAIDPacs can be swapped for offsite storage, and are easily safely transported in a hard carry case. RAIDPac cartridges are individually accessible by using the built-in eSATA or USB 3.0 connector.

RAIDFrame 5 Bay – a fast, large capacity, directly attached backup solution with removable RAID 5 media (RAIDPacs). 

High capacity backups can now be as portable as a USB hard drive. The RAIDFrame 5 Bay system directly attaches to your fileserver or workstation using a single, industry standard eSATA or USB 3.0/2.0 cable, which provides faster access than typical network attached storage systems. Each of the five RAIDPac “drives” show up seperately, allowing backups to go to a separate RAIDPac each day of the week.

A RAID controller and 3 drives are inside each RAIDPac. With a single click and pull you can remove an entire 3 drive RAID array & controller for transport. Click here to download a video on RAIDPac G2 replacement.

  • Large Removable Storage. Three 3.5″ drives are supported in each RAIDPac yielding 30TB for a RAID 0 configuration when using 10TB hard drives. In the RAID 5 configuration a RAIDPac stores up to 20TB and protects against a drive failure. Smaller size hard drives are also supported for installations that want redundancy at lower price points.
  • Monitorable. We include RAID management and monitoring software to load on your host if you want to keep track of drive health and RAID configurations. The software will even email you on error.
  • No Host RAID Controller. Because of the RAIDPac cartridge’s unique in-stream hardware controller, the host does not need RAID software or drivers. Plug the RAIDFrame system into any multi-drive compatible eSATA controller port and you’re ready to go. It shows up much like a standard USB drive would.
  • Software Agnostic. Like our other popular products, you can use the RAIDFrame system with almost any backup software. This means enterprise features like Active Directory, Exchange, Sharepoint, and other open file technologies can be supported by best of breed software.
  • File Security. The RAIDFrame system is directly attached so it inherits the security properties of the server or workstation it is attached to. This allows directly copying files while retaining file and folder permissions. This configuration also easily supports the Public Key encryption found in Windows Server and other Operating Systems providing the highest level of data protection.
  • Fast. Redundant RAID 5 backup can write up to *400 GigaBytes per Hour.
    *We’ve seen over 400GB/Hr using Imaging Software in the lab. Performance will vary depending on many factors within your configuration.
  • Field Accessible. Even if your entire RAIDFrame system is destroyed, each RAIDPac cartridge’s data can be accessed by any computer. The back of the RAIDPac has an industry standard power connection, a USB 3 port, and a SATA port.
  • RAIDPacs for Daily Swap. Unlike “bare back” designs that expose SATA connectors and drives, RAIDPacs are fully enclosed & the connector used is designed for thousands of plug/unplug cycles. RAIDpacs measure only 9.25″ X 6″ X 3.25″ (including handle) and weigh only 5 to 9 lbs each depending on the drive types they’re equipped with.
  • Interface. By default a single eSATA cable connects all five drives. Simply Install a multi-drive PCI or PCI-e controller in your server, connect a 1 or 2 Meter eSATA cable, and you’re ready to go. Most server hardware works, there are some known compatibility issues with certain brands so check with your sales rep for latest details.
  • Multiple Interfaces Optional. If you prefer to have dedicated eSATA connectors (usually to support multiple servers in your rack), just order your RAIDFrame in 2 or 5 channel versions.
  • 4U Rack Mount. Comes with mounting rails and ears.
  • OS Compatibility. All windows, Linux OS versions that support multiple removable eSATA drives. Also supports virtual environments that support Silicon image or jmicron port multiplier technology.
  • File System. Ships with Windows NTFS with GPT for >2TB support is factory default. Can be reformatted/ repartioned as required to support other Operating Systems. Because drives are directly attached, they inherit the full NTFS permissions and compatibility with the host system and domain infrastructure.
  • Security. Each RAIDPac can be physically padlocked in place. Operating System based PKI encryption can be used on each volume to completely protect your data.
  • Power Supply. Dual ATX style power supplies for easy field upgrade/replacement and total failure protection

The RAIDFrame systems are the ultimate power house of data backup. With their tremendous capacity, speed and portability, nothing will stop you from retrieving your valuable data fast.

Maximum Aggregate Capacity 90TB
Maximum Media Capacity 18TB (RAID0) 12TB (RAID5)
Maximum Transfer Rate 400GB/Hour
*Your performance may vary
Available interfaces eSATA, USB 3.0/2.0
Dimensions (L X W X H inches) 17.5″ x 17.25″ x 7″
Weight Shipped 44 lbs
Alone: 40 lbs
Voltages 110/220 switchable
Power Consumption 1.7Amps @ 115VAC, 200 Watts
Thermal Output 700 BTUs

RAIDFrame 5 Bay Manual

Category: Manuals

[RAIDFrameManualV1-5.pdf] - January 12th, 2012

Manual for the 1 and 5 Bay RAIDFrame. Version 1.5.

RAIDFrame Overview and Usage Guidelines

Category: Manuals

[RAIDFrame Overview and Usage GuidelinesLH-3.pdf] - January 12th, 2012

Overview and guidelines for usage of the RAIDFrame system.

RAIDFrame Rack Slide Assembly Instructions

Category: Manuals

[RAIDFrame Rackslide instructions.pdf] - January 12th, 2012

Instructions detailing how to assemble and install rack slides on the RAIDFrame units.

Standard 12 Month. Extensions available with advance replacement feature.

Warranty Coverage Statements

 1-Bay RAIDFrame DR1000 Backup DAS
Thumb1-Bay RAIDFrame DR1000 eSATA/USB 3.0 Backup DAS
*Media trays purchased separately.
Part #: HRRF1B-2 (Stock #: 15505)

 1-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RAIDFrame DR1000
 2-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RAIDFrame DR1000
 3-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RAIDFrame DR1000
 5-Bay RAIDFrame DR5001 Backup DAS
Thumb5-Bay RAIDFrame DR5001 1-Channel USB 3.0/eSATA 4U Rack Mount Backup DAS
*Media trays purchased separately.
Part #: HRRF5B-1EU3 (Stock #: 15482)

 1-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RAIDFrame DR5001
 2-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RAIDFrame DR5001
 3-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RAIDFrame DR5001
 5-Bay RAIDFrame DR5002 Backup DAS
Thumb5-Bay RAIDFrame DR5002 2-Channel USB 3.0/eSATA 4U Rack Mount Backup DAS
*Media trays purchased separately.
Part #: HRRF5B-2EU3 (Stock #: 15483)

 1-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RAIDFrame DR5002
 2-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RAIDFrame DR5002
 3-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RAIDFrame DR5002
 5-Bay RAIDFrame DR5005 Backup DAS
Thumb5-Bay RAIDFrame DR5005 5-Channel eSATA-only 4U Rack Mount Backup DAS
*Media trays purchased separately.
Part #: HRRF5B-5 (Stock #: 14300)

 1-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RAIDFrame DR5005
 2-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RAIDFrame DR5005
 3-Year Dynamic Support Contract: RAIDFrame DR5005

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