Highly Reliable Systems: Removable Disk Backup & Recovery

RAIDPac Removable Drive

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RAIDPac removable drives are the largest available for backup and disaster recovery. RAIDPacs are perfect for jobs that require large capacity, speed, and reliability. Each High-Rely RAIDPac unit is a three-drive RAID array that can hold up to 20TB of data (RAID 5) and still recover from the loss of a single drive. When configured in RAID 0, RAIDPacs are capable of storing up to 30TB of data. RAIDPacs are completely self-contained and can be accessed directly through the RAIDPac itself via a USB 3.0 or SATA connection when necessary.

RAIDPac automatically monitors the health of each SATA hard disk it contains, and in the event of drive failure an audible alarm will sound. For convenience, dead drives can be hot-swapped live from the front of the RAIDPac.

High-Rely RAIDPacs enclosures are made of rugged sheet metal and are designed to run cool, even with large hard drives installed. Modular RAIDPac drives are extremely durable, and conveniently accessed in the field via external Molex power connection and either USB 3.0 or SATA cable.

Each RAIDPac has 3 drives

RAIDPacs are the largest  backup media in the world (Now up to 30 TB) They integrate up to 3 SATA hard drives with a built in hardware RAID making a completely self-contained removable drive that can be hot-plugged into any RAIDFrame chassis. RAIDPacs may be set for either RAID 0 (striping) operation or RAID 5 (redundant and striped).

In RAID 0 mode the capacity of all three drives is added together to form a single large volume.  If a drive fails, all data will be lost. However, in backup operations doing full nightly backups, some installations prefer the larger capacity and rely on previous night’s backup for redundancy.  Any failed drive can be replaced and the pack reinitialized for continued backup operations.

In RAID 5 mode the capacity of the volume will be 2 drives added together. The 3rd drive is used for redundancy.  If a drive fails, it can be hot swapped and the volume will automatically rebuild itself.  We recommend ordering a spare drive so that any failed drives can be replaced and the array rebuilt as soon as possible.

Field Access. Imagine having a stand-alone 30TB USB drive.  Because RAIDPacs are completely self contained, the data can be accessed independently of the RAIDFrame.  No driver software is needed because the integrated RAID controller presents to the host as a single drive. Simply use the  SATA or USB 3.0 connectors*.  Power the unit with a standard Molex power connector available on most PC power supplies.

Monitoring & Management. Software is included called the HW RAID Manager that allows you to monitor up to 5 RAIDPacs simultaneously from one host and to see status, control configuration and set automatic notifications and logging of failures and errors*.

* – RAIDPac G2 feature only. RAIDPac G2 replaces the G1, is compatible with existing RAIDFrame systems.  G2’s began shipping in 2011.  Some configurations may not allow HW RAID Manager to have full visibility inside the RAIDPac. Ask your sales rep for details.

** Note: Windows XP 32 bit and Windows Server 2003 prior to SP1 support only up to 2TB

RAIDPac Interfaces HotSwap Connectors, Emergency iSATA & USB3 (also supports USB2), 4 pin Molex Power for powering RAIDPac independent of RAIDFrame
Maximum Aggregate Capacity 30TB per RAIDPac using 3x 10TB Drives (RAID0)
Removable RAIDPac Capacity 20TB per RAIDPac using 3x 10TB Drives (RAID 5).  Also available using 1,2, 4, 6, 8,or 10TB
30TB per RAIDPac using 3x 10TB Drives (RAID 0)*
*Note: When doing full nightly backups, redundancy is achieved by using new media each night, mitigating concerns of RAID 0 data loss upon single drive failure.
RAIDPac Rebuild Speed Up to 200-300 Gigabytes/Hr rebuilding the RAID5 array. Speeds will vary based on environment.
Maximum Transfer Rate 400GB/Hour Plus
*When plugged in eSATA.  NAS connected RAIDPacs are usually slower. Your performance may vary.
Dimensions (L X W X H inches) 9 5/16″ x 5 7/8″ x 3 3/8″.
Note: Length without handle 8 3/4″
Weight Alone: 7.5 Lbs. with 3 typical disks
Shipped weight: Approximately 10Lbs.
Voltages 12VDC and 5VDC via 4 pin MOLEX drive power connector.
Power Consumption Example with 3 Seagate 2TB drives.  Figures do not include power consumed by the RAIDFrame the RAIDPacs are plugged into.
60-70 Watts during spin up
22 Watts at rest
25 Watts during data copy
Thermal Output Depends on drive(s) installed.

RAIDPac G1 Manual


[RAIDPacG1Manual.pdf] - February 13th, 2012

Operations manual for the RAIDPac G1 (First series).

RAIDPac G2 Manual


[RAIDPacG2OpManualV1-1.pdf] - February 13th, 2012

Operations manual for the RAIDPac G2.

Standard 12 Month. Extensions available with advance replacement feature.

Warranty Coverage Statements

 RAIDPac G2 24TB/36TB-12Mo StdWty

Part #: RPG2-3X12TB (Stock #: 16332)

 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x12TB 3 Year
 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x12TB 2 Year
 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x12TB 1 Year
 RAIDPac G2 20TB/30TB-12Mo StdWty

Part #: RPG2-3X10TB (Stock #: 16217)

 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x10TB 3 Year
 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x10TB 2 Year
 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x10TB 1 Year
 RAIDPac G2 16TB/24TB-12Mo StdWty
ThumbRAIDPac G2 (3x 8TB) 16TB in RAID5 or 24TB in RAID0 useable.

Part #: RPG2-3X8000 (Stock #: 16135)

 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x8TB 3 Year
 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x8TB 2 Year
 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x8TB 1 Year
 RAIDPac G2 12TB/18TB-12Mo StdWty
ThumbRAIDPac G2 (3x 6TB) 12TB in RAID5 or 18TB in RAID0 useable.

Part #: RPG2-3X6000 (Stock #: 15878)

 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x6TB 3 Year
 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x6TB 2 Year
 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x6TB 1 Year
 RAIDPac G2 8TB/12TB-12Mo StdWty
ThumbRAIDPac G2 (3 X 4TB) 8TB (RAID 5) or 12TB (RAID 0) useable.

Part #: RPG2-3x4000 (Stock #: 15502)

 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x4TB 3 Year
 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x4TB 2 Year
 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x4TB 1 Year
 RAIDPac G2 6TB/9TB-12Mo StdWty
 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x3TB 3 Year
 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x3TB 2 Year
 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x3TB 1 Year
 RAIDPac G2 4TB/6TB-12Mo StdWty
 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x2TB 3 Year
 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x2TB 2 Year
 Dynamic Support RPG2 3x2TB 1 Year