Our High-Rely Media houses industry standard 3.5″ SATA hard disk drives in a removable protective aluminum enclosure, making them portable and hot-swappable. The durable connector on the back of the High-Rely Classic Media is designed to withstand being inserted and removed thousands of times (plug and unplug cycles). Contrast this with a bare SATA connector, which is rated for about fifty plug and unplug cycles. The durable aluminum casing can support up to 600lbs, and hard drives inside can be upgraded, or replaced, in minutes.  We’ve recently eliminated the front LCD display to reduce costs and increase reliability.

These High-Rely Classic Media are used in several of our backup appliances, as well as with many of the Smart Family products.

High-Rely Classic Media Hard Carry Case:

The High-Rely Hard Carry Case is our recommended protection for safely transporting precious removable media from site to site. Designed as a shock-absorbing and water-resistant means of protection for your durable backup media, it ensures that your data is further secured from damage, corruption, or loss.

Our High-Rely NAS Rated Hard Drives:

Our bare hard drives are designed for use in the RNAS-U series. While brands may vary depending on availability, in general we will select and test drives that are NAS rated. We partition, format, and test all drives. By buying the drives from us, you will have one point of contact for all warranty claims.

Raw NAS Rated Hard Drive

Raw NAS Rated Hard Drive

Available Interfaces: HRC Media Bare NAS Drives
Maximum Aggregate Capacity: 16TB. 16TB.
Media Capacity: #20001 – 16TB in HR Classic Tray
#16509 – 14TB in HR Classic Tray
#16508 – 12TB in HR Classic Tray
#16507 – 10TB in HR Classic Tray
#16506 – 8TB in HR Classic Tray
#16505 – 6TB in HR Classic Tray
#16502 – 4TB in HR Classic Tray
#16501 – 2TB in HR Classic Tray
#20000 – 16TB
#16493 – 14TB
#16345 – 12TB
#16344 – 10TB
#16343 – 8TB
#16342 – 6TB
#16341 – 4TB
#16339 – 2TB
Maximum Transfer Rate: 500GB/Hour *Your performance may vary. *700GB/Hour

Our High-Rely Classic Media is a hot-pluggable, modular enclosure with a hard drive installed. Here is what makes our Media special:

  • Daily Use. Designed for daily swapping and frequent transport to off-site/on-site locations.
  • Case aluminum construction. Built with cast aluminum alloy is strong enough to support 600 Lbs.
  • Rugged ABS Plastic. Molded ABS plastic provides a strong and rugged front/rear face.
  • Swap Life. Media tray docking connector has been rated at over 100,000 plugs and unplugs.
  • Serviceable. Simple construction and use of standard, readily available 3.5″ SATA hard drives allow drives to be easily replaced or serviced.
  • High Capacity. Currently up to 18TB of RAW storage per media cartridge.  Note: Windows XP 32-bit and Windows Server 2003 prior to SP1 support only up to 2TB.
  • Flexible. High-Rely media uses standard 3.5″ SATA hard drives. Thus, our media trays allow you to expand or replace drives as needed in the future, without requiring any special proprietary hard drives.
  • Fully Enclosed. High-Rely media fully encloses and protects the hard drive, making it ideal for offsite backup by being safer for transport and high cycle usage.
  • FAST. High-Rely media data moves at eSATA hard drive speeds, capable of backup rates in excess of 400 GB per hour.** Disaster Proof.
  • Even if the docking chassis are lost or destroyed, High-Rely media opens easily to expose the standard hard drive inside, the data can be accessed by any computer with industry standard power connections and SATA ports.
  • Choices. High-Rely Classic media works in a wide variety of High-Rely equipment and configurations, with many accessories allowing you to design systems that are right for you.
  • Small, inexpensive, high capacity, fast, and durable.

Compatibility with 2.5” drives.

Mounted 2.5″ SSD – High-Rely Classic Media.

Although designed for 3.5” drives, you can use almost any 2.5” SSD, or rotating

media drive, in a High-Rely Classic fully enclosed drive tray. For most 2.5” media, an adapter plate is not needed.

The 2.5” SSD drive is mounted in the right rear of the tray, which leaves plenty of room for cooling and air flow.  The drive is secured via one screw through the bottom of the drive tray and threaded directly into the front left of the 2.5” drive, using a standard drive screw. The combination of the machined side (right side) of the aluminum tray, the SATA connector at the back, and the single drive screw holds the 2.5” drive firmly in place.

For customers who have heavy 2.5” drives, or prefer the additional security of a second screw, a $25 sheet metal adapter is also available.

The Other Guys:

Exposed Drives:  Many cheap designs allow the back side of the hard drive to be open, naked and unprotected, which can leave it susceptible to physical and static electricity damage. While the High-Rely media itself maybe destroyed from trauma, but the hard drive inside will be safely protected.

Thin Sheet Metal Designs: Flimsy frames and no intervening back plane offers no additional protection to hard drive(s), leaving it vulnerable to physical damage or static electricity damage. The bare SATA hard drive connectors are rated for as FEW as 50 insertion and removals!

Proprietary Hard Drives: Many manufacturers are now using hard drives customized or secured for only their trays. This raises costs and dramatically reduces your service and performance choices.

**Performance will vary depending on many factors within your configuration.

Media Pricing

All media below are designed for Hot-Swap, rated for use in NAS, partitioned and formatted NTFS, & tested For Windows. Includes 12-month limited warranty. *Note: we recommend ordering all drives in same size for mirroring.

**Highly Reliable Systems uses Seagate IronWolf NAS Drives for its Media and RNAS-U bare model drives. Western Digital Red NAS drives are available as a special order substitute. Please contact your sales representative for availability and pricing.


Description Stock # MSRP
18TB Media w/o LCD Tray 20011 $870
16TB Media w/o LCD Tray 20001 $780
14TB Media w/o LCD Tray 16509 $755
12TB Media w/o LCD Tray 16508 $610
10TB Media w/o LCD Tray 16507 $585
8TB Media w/o LCD Tray 16506 $425
6TB Media w/o LCD Tray 16505 $385
4TB Media w/o LCD Tray 16502 $285
2TB Media w/o LCD Tray 16501 $195


Dynamic Support Contracts (Required for telephone support)

Dynamic Support Contracts are required for telephone technical support and also provide extended warranty coverage, cross ship replacements and other benefits. Please see Warranty Coverage Statements for more information.

Description Stock # MSRP
18TB 3 Year Dynamic Support 20012 $370
18TB 1 Year Dynamic Support 20013 $195
16TB 3 Year Dynamic Support 20002 $310
16TB 1 Year Dynamic Support 20003 $145
14TB 3 Year Dynamic Support 16496 $270
14TB 1 Year Dynamic Support 16497 $125
12TB 3 Year Dynamic Support 16326 $230
12TB 1 Year Dynamic Support 16324 $105
10TB 3 Year Dynamic Support 16214 $180
10TB 1 Year Dynamic Support 16212 $80
8TB 3 Year Dynamic Support 16132 $130
8TB 1 Year Dynamic Support 16130 $65
6TB 3 Year Dynamic Support 16881 $115
6TB 1 Year Dynamic Support 15883 $50
4TB 3 Year Dynamic Support 15494 $85
4TB 1 Year Dynamic Support 15794 $38
2TB 3 Year Dynamic Support 14970 $60
2TB 1 Year Dynamic Support 15798 $26

Media Accessories

Description Stock # MSRP
2.5″ to 3.5″ SATA Adapter 16442 $25
HRC Media x2 Hard Carry Case.
Black hard sided water-resistant carry case
for safely transporting up to two media off-site.
14796 $95

RNAS-U Model Bare Drives

Description Stock # MSRP
18TB NAS Rated Hard Drive 20010 Call
16TB NAS Rated Hard Drive 20000 Call
14TB NAS Rated Hard Drive 16493 Call
12TB NAS Rated Hard Drive 16345 Call
10TB NAS Rated Hard Drive 16344 Call
8TB NAS Rated Hard Drive 16343 Call
6TB NAS Rated Hard Drive 16342 Call
4TB NAS Rated Hard Drive 16341 Call
2TB NAS Rated Hard Drive 16339 Call
1 Year Dynamic Support Covering
any size drive above
16483 $40

Warranty Coverage Statements

Highly Reliable Systems, Inc. offers a 30-day, no-hassle, money back guarantee* on most purchases. In addition, Highly Reliable Systems, Inc. further offers the following product warranties.

Below are links to viewable .PDF files of the warranty coverage statements:

* Shipping charges apply. A restocking or repair fee may also apply.

Adding Dynamic Support coverage after purchase:

While support contracts are an optimum value when purchased with the original sale, they can be added at a later date so long as there is a contract that is still active.  Any added contract would begin at the end of the active contract.  Contracts cannot be extended for more than 5 years in total.

If no Dynamic Support contract was purchased with the original sale and your Standard 12 month warranty has not yet expired, a Dynamic Support contract can be purchased.  However, any such added contract would have its effective date range start at the end of Standard 12 month warranty.  Thus any higher service level features such as Advance Replacement would not be available until the new added contract becomes active.

Out of Warranty Services:

  • A RMA number must be assigned by Technical Support before a unit is shipped in for service.
  • Technical Support form

Fees & Customer Responsibility:

  • Labor @ $125.00/hr (USD) with a 1 HR minimum
  • All applicable shipping fees, duties, and taxes to and from HRS facility.
  • Price of any parts used for repair


  • 5 Business days.
  • 72 hour guarantee for an additional $150.00

Note: These policies are subject to change at anytime without notice.