Highly Reliable Systems: Removable Disk Backup & Recovery

Largest Hard Drive in the World 24TB (updated 7/2015)

By Darren McBride
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For a number of years now the largest hard drive in the world has been a RAIDPac by High-Rely. The size is currently 24TB (updated 7/2015). For those that challenge calling it a single hard drive given it is made up of three individual 8TB drives, let us point out the SATA connector on the back, which allows it to be plugged into any system that supports large drives (GPT partitions etc) and “appear” as a single drive to the host. RAIDPac inserts into the High-Rely RAIDFrame purpose-built backup appliance. It can also be accessed via USB 3.0 connectors. Power the unit with a standard Molex power connector available on most PC power supplies.

RAIDPac is our largest Highly-Removable Drive and are the largest backup media available.  Perfect for jobs that require large capacity, speed, and reliability. Each RAIDPac is a three-drive RAID 5 array that can hold up to 16TB of RAW data and still recover from the loss of a single drive. In RAID 0 mode, RAIDPacs are capable of storing up to 24TB of data using the new 8TB drives.

Each RAIDPac monitors the health of the SATA hard drives it contains. In the event of drive failure, the RAIDPac will give an audible alarm. For convenience, dead drives can be swapped live from the front of the RAIDPac.

So the Largest Hard drive in the world is now 24TB.  Also available in 18TB and smaller models at lower pricing.