A recent report points out significant privacy issues with electronic storage devices that could include removable drives, tablets, cameras and other devices. The study, which was conducted by Laplink and O&O Software out of Germany tested 160 randomly purchased used hard drives and other storage devices. Using un-erase software, researchers were able to get data from 85% of the devices, which had not be securely erased. They recovered 53,000 pictures and 4,500 documents.

Most users believe that deleting files from their PC or phone means they are gone forever. But they may be retained in the recycle bin or simply be “marked” as deleted by the operating system which means off the shelf software can be used to recover them.  Even defective hard drives may be able to be repaired or data accessed using special techniques.

If you need us to securely erase your drives( whether in or out of warranty), we will do so for a nominal fee.