Highly Reliable Systems announced that their website has moved into Google’s coveted #2 slot behind HP for the term “Removable Disk Backup Systems”.

“Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and natural search is important to any business. We wanted our customers to know we were leaders in removable disk backup systems.” said Kelley Kirtley, Head of East Coast sales at Highly Reliable Systems.  “For a small manufacturer to achieve this search position in the US is a big achievement”.

In working on the Search Engine placement, the company wrote blogs, released software tools, and focused their product page content.  Using WordPress was also key.  They noticed that for users who display 100 results per page, the search position was 60.  But for the vast majority of users with the default Google settings, they are in position number 2 across the United States.   Kirtley said the company did not use an SEO consultant to achieve the results, but did attend seminars from one to formulate their strategy.  Darren McBride, the company CEO said he is willing to speak to others who want to move up the search engine rankings but says there is no magic bullet and things could change tomorrow.  “No one has Google’s number.  Whether you rank well depends on being extremely relevant to the customer, something we work hard to do.” said McBride.

Highly Reliable Systems makes removable drive backup systems that attach either to the server or the network.  They are often used by customers who have large data, highly secure data, or those who don’t have the bandwidth to use cloud backup strategies.  Many of the products have automatic mirroring so that each backup produces two copies of data for additional protection.  For more information visit http://www.high-rely.com or call 775-329-5139