High-Rely Computer Backup System Video Overview

High-Rely RAIDFrame Plus Server Backup NAS Appliance

High-Rely RAIDFrame Server Backup NAS

High-Rely believes so strongly in Making Backup Easy and Affordable, it has become our company motto. Our computer backup systems cost less, are easy to configure, and perform well regardless of the task. High-Rely NetSwap, RAIDFrame, and BNAS backup systems deliver the best of all worlds: highly-removable duty-rated backup media, 10GbE high-speed data recovery, large storage capacity up to 90TB, Cloud replication with DeltaSync technology, open compatibility with any BDR software, and knowledgeable technical support based in the USA.

High-Rely auto backup devices offer protected storage for full and incremental data retention sets. Our network attached NetSwap computer backup NAS system provides Reverse Cloud server backup for many popular storage accounts: Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, DreamHost DreamCloud, and Dropbox. Our proprietary Scheduled Mirroring feature offers administrators a level of air-gap security, available on all backup NAS devices. HIPAA security rule compliant AES-256 data encryption is a standard hardware feature on many models, securing data at the block level. High-Rely backup media is also much faster and far more durable than LTO-6 tape backup or RDX drives, and delivers higher native data capacity without the need for compression.

Watch our 2-minute animated video overview to discover what High-Rely offers:

About Highly Reliable Systems, Inc.

Highly Reliable Systems is a talented group of engineers, technicians, and backup storage experts based in Reno, Nevada, USA, that have produced computer backup systems since 2003. High-Rely manufactures durable American-made server backup devices utilizing highly-removable drives with an auto backup system. Our purpose-built backup appliances feature Cloud replication with Reverse Cloud management, Scheduled Mirroring with air-gap security, and HIPAA compliant AES-256 data encryption. High-Rely NetSwap and RAIDFrame computer backup systems are cost effective, and work where Cloud server backup is not practical.