Removable drives are better than cloud services and conventional NAS/BDRs for Data BackUp because:

1. They are invulnerable to remote or virus attacks (when removed).

It’s simple, it can’t be manipulated, deleted, or otherwise hacked  if it’s powered off or sitting unattached somewhere.  And removable drives can provide archive depth that not only dates back as deep as you build it, but also has not been connected since a particular date.  Cloud or NAS resident archives may go back, but they’re still vulnerable to malfeasance.

2. They are not subject to internet bandwidth issues like speed, price and reliability.

Because our media is essentially hot-pluggable hard drives, when connected, they’re FAST compared to most internet connections.  And if you’re trying to keep two or more sites synced up, there’s very few connections that can compete with the effective data rate of 277MB/S which is about what you get when you FEDEX, with 24 hour delivery, a 30TB RAIDPac!  So seeding remote sites with Highly-Removable drives, to shorten the wire sync time, becomes easy and fast!  See our SpeedSeed(tm) feature here.

3. You can access your data without the need for any network connection whatsoever!  

A conventional NAS may still require a physical network connection to the machine to access your data.  And of course cloud data becomes GONE data without the internet.  But removable drives can also work with our DAS chassis which let you easily connect them directly to a computer through a simple USB 3.0 or eSATA , without ever seeing a network cable or configuration screen, even if they were removed from one of our NAS chassis.

4. They’re faster at Recovery and Backup (direct to disk connection) than cloud services.


Highly Removable Drives: RAIDPac, HRC and MPac. Up to 24TB of raw storage available per Highly-Removable Drive.

Using SATA or USB 3.0 is far faster than most premium internet connections.  In fact, because we use standard hard drives, your backup can literally be placed in a machine and booted from without even waiting for a copy to take place!

5. There are no recurring fees, you own your storage.

Yes, you own it.  Buy as much as you want, when you want it, and never pay recurring fees for it.

6. They are accountability secure – you have physical possession of your data.

Each removable drive can be labeled, barcoded, engraved, catalogued and visually confirmed as present or not present.  Your data may not be tangible, but at least where you store it can be!

7. They offer almost unlimited archive capacity.

Your storage capacity is only limited by the number and size of removable Drives you decide to buy.  And, can even be upgraded later on as new capacities arrive.

8. They can be transported physically for Off-site protection with no fees.

Depending on your choice of procedures for keeping off-site copies, there doesn’t have to be any fee associated with the storage or maintenance of the off-site copies.  And, you can access your backup data without having to be  connected to a network of any kind.

9. They offer field access via USB 3.0 or SATA direct to the media  – No Rack or internet? No problem.

RAIDPacs  offer USB 3.0 access directly to the media.  No special software is necessary, both are seen by the computer they’re plugged into as a single large hard drive.

10. They store up to 30TB per Removable drive (cartridge)

RAIDPacs currently offer up to 30TB of storage per drive.