In April 2016 Microsoft brought suit against the U.S. government because agencies can demand access to cloud based files without the knowledge of the owners.  The suit argues that that the government is violating the constitution by preventing Microsoft from notifying thousands of customers that their emails and other documents have been accessed. It might not shock you to learn the government can subpoena your private files.  But it’s even more surprising to learn it’s being done without your knowledge. The need for High-Rely local backup devices and encryption has never been more clear.  Some key reasons to own our removable drive products include:

  1. Costly monthly fees add up.  By owning High-Rely you own and physically control your data.
  2. You may simply not have sufficient Internet connection speed to do incremental backup to the cloud. Many locations can’t get high speed connections.
  3. Even with good connection speeds restore times for a full system from the cloud can be days or weeks.  You can’t afford to be down that long!
  4. As this suit shows governments can, under some circumstances, gain access to your files and do so without you knowing.
  5. Data stored in the cloud is more susceptible to hackers and crackers

With daily reports of government hacking (American, Chinese, Russian etc) and with governments continuing to demand access to private data (see the latest iphone FBI cracking controversy) you have every reason to focus your primary and most critical data to a High-Rely device.