Why use a Backup NAS?

Backup NAS products have watchdog hardware to insure continuous uptime

Low Cost Backup NAS hardware include watchdog hardware and software to guarantee uptime

We are often asked why our customers choose High-Rely Backup NAS products over consumer grade Network Attached Storage (NAS), expensive Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) devices, or USB hard drives.  There are many different price points and feature sets available in the server backup world.  Here, in a nutshell are some of the things our customers have told us they value about our backup hardware:

  1. Removable drive trays simplify seeding and off-siting data without monthly fees and without having to use consumer grade USB drives.
  2. Built-in Replication to popular cloud storage options such as Amazon S3.
  3. Backup and Restore speed are outstanding with 10GigE options in the Backup NAS.  In addition customers have the option to remove and easily connect drives via USB3 for faster restore.
  4. Multiple complete data sets are stored on separate physical hard drives or volumes (not spread out over software based arrays unless you choose that option).  Automatic/scheduled/Delta sync mirroring creates additional protection with no user intervention in ways not available on consumer NAS products.
  5. Use any backup software with our Backup NAS or roll your own Backup and Disaster Recovery Device. Automatic mirroring allows use of software that doesn’t normally support removable drives.
  6. Simple HTML configuration of NAS that is Purpose built for Backup. No confusing menus not relevant to backup.
  7. Linux backup NAS reliability with NTFS formatted drives for maximum compatibility (Windows standard format with EXT format as an option).
  8. Business grade hardware is sold and supported by thousands of IT resellers and Managed Service Providers. We stand behind these resellers with additional support and warranty services.
  9. Extended warranties available for fast, no hassle repair or replacement.
  10. Easy to reach sales staff for fast pricing and quotes.
  11. Great technical support by knowledgeable staff.

For a quick video overview of our product line features take a look here

While some consumer NAS products allow attaching removable USB drives, High-Rely integrates removable drives directly into our solution.  Coupled with allowing NTFS hard drives (the Windows standard), you can use individual drives from the NAS and plug them into a USB device.  While we do allow configuring RAID5 and RAID6 arrays for bigger data sets, most of our clients prefer to use our sophisticated mirroring to 4,6,8, or 10TB hard drives that allow point in time snapshots and incremental mirroring for bigger data sets.  Even if your software doesn’t support removable drives (such as older versions of Symantec Backup Exec) our hardware can be used because one drive is installed in the NAS at all times and a 2nd one is mirrored transparently to allow swaps at any time.  Instead of complicating the user interface with myriad options that are irrelevant to backup, we have a straight forward browser based user interface that lets the user focus on drive management, mirroring, and replication off-site.  IT technicians and end users alike appreciate the simplicity of a dedicated interface.  The stability of a Linux appliance is coupled with NTFS hard drives and a watchdog circuit to insure that out Backup NAS is available 24 hours and compatible with your Windows machines.

The company that supports your Backup NAS hardware is critical.  We invite you to call our sales and tech support teams and compare the response with what you get when you call consumer NAS companies.