Backup Dropbox to local drives with a delay.

High-Sync allows you to push or pull files from Dropbox without using the DropBox application.  The advantage of not installing the Dropbox app include the ability to manage multi-cloud backups from a variety of different sources in a single pane of glass (inside the High-Sync app), as well as allowing granular control of when backups occur.  Dropbox tends to replicate files quickly so any errors can get out of control rapidly. We recommend delaying your jobs by as much as 1 day or 1 week so that if corruption or user error occurs in Dropbox and the issue is replicated across all users, the High-Sync software will retain an older backup Dropbox copy.  You can also turn on versioning if you want to provide additional protection by saving historical versions of your file.

The screenshot below shows an example setup of how to setup a Backup Dropbox job.  A single Dropbox folder is being pulled down to a local backup folder.  When you put in a valid account name (usually your email address) a browser window should open asking you to authenticate with your password.  When you put a password in you may also get an email that requires you to confirm this is you for additional security.  Save the job and either run it immediately for testing or schedule it to run regularly depending on your needs

Backup Dropbox

Backup Dropbox folders using High-Sync