Recently, we have been receiving numerous phone calls due to power outages we have been seeing across the country, as a result of the heat wave. As a built-in feature, when the NetSwap is interrupted due to either a loss of power, or an errant disk pull; if there is an active RAID/Mirror set, the NetSwap will temporarily stop the set to prevent a loss of data. When this happens, the RAID/Mirror set will show as degraded, not active, and will also say the disk needs to be formatted. Most calls are worried that they will lose their data, since formatting the RAID/Mirror set would wipe all data on the disks. Luckily, this is not the case, and there is an easy solution.

Log into the Web GUI of your NetSwap device and select the ‘Disks’ tab from the left-hand sidebar. On the Disks page, scroll down to your RAID/Mirror Disk under the ‘Action’ header, and select ‘Pause.’ Confirm you are wanting to ‘Pause’ the selected RAID/Mirror Disk, and wait for confirmation. Once the ‘Disk’ has been paused, from the same ‘Action’ header, select ‘Resume’ and confirm. Your RAID/Mirror Disk should now show as ‘Active’ and should begin rebuilding without any loss of data. Note, if the ‘Resume’ option shows ‘Failed,’ you may need to reboot and try again, in order for the NetSwap to fix the issue.

If this quick fix does not work, please contact our Technical Support Department to get you back up and running. Stay cool!