High-Sync: Batch Script

High-Sync is presented as a solution wherein the user can let the application and its jobs run in the background with no interference, or input, by the user. However, there may be an instance where you would like to visually see, and have control, when High-Sync and its jobs are running. This can be accomplished by creating a simple batch script which will allow High-Sync to run in unattended mode in the foreground, allowing for visual progress and confirmation that High-Sync is functioning as intended.

Begin by opening a new instance of Notepad in Windows.

We will now use the following syntax: “High-Sync.exe /RUNX=”Profile Name” /U”

  • High-Sync.exe – Will invoke the High-Sync Application.
  • /RUNX – Will start the profile and exit upon completion.
  • “Profile Name” – The name of the profile you wish the script to run.
  • /U – Will run the profile in Unattended Mode. The profile is started and executed without further user interaction.

Once we have verified that our parameters are correct, we will go ahead and save the file as a .bat and place in the High-Sync root folder, “C:\Program Files\High-Sync.” Running this script will now allow us to visually see the progress of High-Sync as it completes the specified profile. If we would like easier access to the script, a shortcut can be created and placed on the desktop.

If you require any assistance, or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Technical Support Team.