Highly Reliable Systems manufacturers Network Attached Storage that is purpose built as a destination to backup your data. Not only is our hardware better than consumer grade storage, we focus on easily mirroring or replicating your data to removable drives and the cloud.  In addition our tech support is US based and will help you to configure your device for whichever backup software you choose. We have 3 main product lines:

  • NetSwap – Linux Ubuntu based appliances with custom browser based configuration menus to easily manage and configure drives. Upload to a variety of public clouds or create multiple copies of your data transparently using our built in software.
  • BNAS – Windows Storage Server based appliances. Some models can be used as true BDR (Backup and Data Recovery) appliances that spin up virtual machines with your backup in an emergency.
  • RNAS – Windows IOT based appliances. Typically lower cost than BNAS for those who want performance on a budget.  Includes our High-Sync software to replicate data to additional drives, locations, or up to 28 public cloud destinations..