High-Sync is the software included with RNAS network attached storage products that allow the user to replicate files from drive to drive, drive to network, local to cloud, cloud to local, or even cloud to cloud. It supports multiple replication jobs and can be used for a wide variety of clouds and protocols. For an overview of functionality look here. You will need a valid license key after the trial period. Contact your support rep or sales rep for license key purchase.

High-Sync version 8.56a 64 bit

High-Sync version 8.56a 32 bit

Notable upgrades and bug fixes include:

  • Fixes a bug where the subfolder selection could not be saved in some specific situations.
  • Additional fixes.
  • Profiles that use Backblaze B2 can now be run in parts more efficiently to save memory and to allow an unlimited number of files in the bucket. The number of entries after which a job is split is specified on the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet Advanced. It’s the same setting that is used for all profiles, but it is now implemented more efficiently for Backblaze B2.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements