NetSwap/RAIDFrame Plus Software Version 2.17 Update

This is the software version 2.17 update for NetSwaps/RAIDFrame Plus devices with software version 2.16 and older.  For devices with software version 2.12 or later you should be able to use the ‘Check for Updates’ menu option from the NetSwap web interface to download and install the update directly on the device.  Please contact support if you have any questions about this update or need help updating a device.

See the NetSwap & RAIDFrame Series Firmware Change Log for details on this update.

Unpack the zip file and follow the instructions below to install the update:

  1. Select ‘Export Configuration’ from the NetSwap web interface and save the device configuration just in case the update fails and the firmware has to be reloaded using a USB thumb drive.
  2. Select ‘Update Device’ from the NetSwap web interface.
  3. If you are updating from version 2.12 or later, skip to step 5
  4. Select the file ‘uploadfix.upgrade’ and click the ‘Upload’ button.  After clicking ‘Upload’ your browser will report that it couldn’t load the page.  This is normal because the ‘uploadfix.upgrade’ file causes the web server on the NetSwap to restart.  Browse back to the NetSwap and click on ‘Update Device’ again and then reload the page using your browser’s reload button or by pressing F5 (this is required to clear the old page from the browser cache).
  5. Select the file ‘hr_netswap_fwupdate2.17.upgrade’ and click the ‘Upload’ button.
  6. Wait for the upload to complete and the update to be installed. You will be prompted to reboot the NetSwap.
  7. Upon boot, the NetSwap will copy the new firmware to the boot drive.  This can take up to 10 minutes to complete. DO NOT POWER THE UNIT OFF DURING THIS PROCESS. Once complete, the NetSwap will reboot once more.