Thank You for your inquiry!  We really appreciate your interest.  You should know that we have relatively few resellers outside the U.S.A and Canada at this time. We also do not have overseas distributers.  We ARE willing to do direct sales and sign up overseas resellers.  However, we have found the cost of shipping and support to be financially impractical for most clients on many of our products, especially those in the lower price range (below $2000). We regret that we are unable to give overseas clients practical solutions to provide them with the outstanding warranty support that our company is known for in the US.   Supporting our lower cost backup products overseas can be impractical because of the high cost and long shipping times if it ever becomes necessary to return them to the factory for repair.

Having said that, products such as RAIDFrame or larger Rack Mounted products are more practical for us to sell.  We do recognize that Highly Reliable Systems is the only source in the world for these types of products and so we will make them available to you. In the US we ship most products with hard drives pre-populated and tested to ease warranty support (we become the single source for all warranty and tech support issues this way).  For overseas clients, we are willing to ship via air freight without hard drives, allowing you to install drives locally while saving the weight and cost associated with the drives.  However, if shipping costs aren’t prohibitive, we still encourage you to purchase the products with drives.  If product is purchased without drives the reseller must have a higher level of technical support knowledge and be willing to read the documentation (we find many US resellers bypass the documentation and simply call in).  Installing, testing, and formatting drives in products such as the RAIDFrame or Netswap NAS devices may require close interaction with our support personnel via email or Skype and can be frustrating for the client if compatibility issues or unforeseen problems are encountered.

The technology reseller must  understand that all shipping from the U.S. (and if ever necessary back to the U.S. for repairs) must be borne by the client. In other words all shipments are “FOB origin”. All orders must be pre-paid via bank transfer or approved credit card.  Tech support via email or skype is provided 8am-5pm PST.   If you wish to order, please understand that we don’t have an export department so we can’t easily provide shipping or export/import fee estimates.  If your country has complications that prevent us from sending to you directly via Air Freight (Fed-Ex, DHL etc) we recommend you work with a U.S. based freight forwarding firm and provide us with their shipping address.

On the basis and clear understanding of all of the above we are happy to work with you to fill your needs.  Please let us know if you want to proceed, and what products you would like to have quoted or order.  We ask overseas clients to print & return this signed page via fax or scanned as an attachment via email.

I have read and understand the above regarding overseas support and sales of Highly Reliable Systems products and would like to order product based on these conditions

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