1) Right click “My Computer” and select “Manage” 2) Choose “Disk Management” 3) Right click the volume associated with your High-Rely 4) Choose “Change Drive Letters and paths”. You will receive a warning that changing drive letters may affect programs, but you can generally ignore this message when re-assigning drive letters for your High-Rely drives. You can also use HRDM2 to reassign drive letters. Note: All High Rely hard drive backup units are shipped with our High Rely Drive Manager 2 that will “nail down” a particular volume to a drive letter, regardless of what Windows wants to do. This eliminates drive letter “swimming” issues.

Once the drive letter is assigned, it should stay the same in that system. If you move your High-Rely drive stack to another Windows machine, the drive letters will most likely need to be re-assigned. This is because Windows keeps drive letters for “basic” disks in the registry of each machine.