NAS System Speeds vs DAS Backup Performance


As more data moves across the Internet to it’s home in the cloud, many are still retaining primary and backup data within physical reach on their servers and backup appliances. This makes good business sense, considering that when disaster strikes the speed of transfer from cloud storage could take days compared to hours for a backup appliance such as our NetSwap NC350 Network Attached Storage (NAS) system. There are two scenarios administrators must plan for: backup and disaster recovery, commonly referred to as BDR.

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Slow Backup? Try ShadowProtect

One of the most common problems we hear is that a full backup takes longer than one night to complete (The slow backup problem).  Here at Highly Reliable Systems, we’ve tested a variety of backup software and have found that imaging based products (as opposed to file based) provide the best backup performance.  A product…

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