NetSwap 200 Illustrated


The NetSwap 200 Difference from other NAS products.   NetSwap 200 is our most widely sold NAS product. Yet, with so many other NAS platforms to choose from, it’s hard to quickly understand the NetSwap 200 difference and possibilities. The NetSwap line offers the best of Cloud and removable drive technologies.  We offer this graphic to help illustrate…

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Backup Protection from Cryptolocker

How do you provide backup protection from Cryptolocker? This virus has the potential to not only lock you out of your server files, but potentially encrypt files located at network shares as well.  Which means it could have devastating impact on backup data hosted on a local  backup appliance if you keep the backup data online…

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Hardware Encryption on a Backup NAS Device

Highly Reliable Systems now offers hardware encryption on select backup NAS devices. High-Rely supports AES encryption on many of our highly-removable drive backup appliances, allowing media to be safely transported. This article will discuss the encryption feature as supported on certain Netswap Plus and RAIDFrame Plus product lines (Not the BNAS or WBA Windows Storage Server based Appliances which have…

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